Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Elavon Inc., formerly NOVA, is a processor of credit card transactions and is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. It is among one of the leading payment gateways that offers merchant processing in more than 30 countries and supports the payment needs of more than 1,000,000 merchant locations across the globe. The payment gateway – Elavon is the 4th largest U.S. credit card processor. In addition to that, it is a top 6 acquirer in the European marketplace.


With the aim of delivering robust and flexible payment gateway solutions, the Elavon, Southern DataComm (SDC) and Global Card Services (GCS) have come together that already has more than 20 years of experience in global processing networks and gateway technology.

Why Elavon?

The Elavon Payment Gateway offers a smart, affordable solution majorly for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to accept online payments. Simple to manage and easy to integrate, Elavon provides almost everything- a rich set of features that you would need to start accepting payments online. Furthermore, as you will combine Elavon as the online payment gateway and initiate card payment processing, you’ll just have one source for all your processing and servicing needs.

The seamless integration of Elavon’s solution with just one service agreement offers combined and consistent expertise throughout the project. With the streamlined integration to websites and eCommerce platforms, the Elavon Payment Gateway allows businesses, of any size, to participate in the global marketplace. Further it addresses the complexities of online solutions to make taking eCommerce payments easier.

As Elavon is gaining popularity and booming in American Region, we decided to integrate Odoo platform with payment gateway. Not to mention that, there is huge community available in US region who are using Elavon and Odoo, both. Before Elavon, we did integration of Fedex, UPS, USPS and many more shipping services for the same region.

We have a very vast experience in payment gateway integration, as we have a special department of integration services. You can see serpentcs.in to see how many payment gateways we can offer with Odoo Integration.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Now, let’s move to subject – Elavon-Odoo Payment Integration !

What we have done so far in integration is, once you will confirm order from website it will ask you for payment and we have added option- Elavon, and you will able to pay by this payment gateway.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Once you will add any product in your cart and proceed further to checkout, there will be option called Process Checkout.

As you click on Process Checkout option, you will see below screen -:

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Here you can see, the payment option called Elavon under Payment Method.

Select Elavon payment option and click on Pay Now.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Once you will click on Pay Now, you will be redirected to the above shown Elavon screen. You need to enter your card details over here and proceed for payment.

Click on Process to proceed further.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

On successful processing, the payment will be done. You can see your order confirmation and notification of successful payment on the screen.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

You can also check the confirmation of your order from Odoo backened.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Also, you can see your confirmation of payment option.

This is how Elavon-Odoo payment integration works – a smart and affordable solution for small and medium-sized business.

SerpentCS is having a special experience and unique capacity working in Odoo and payment gateways integrations. We would like to assist you on development on any of the payment gateways with Odoo and the satisfaction is guaranteed.



Strengthen Your Business With Real-Time Tour Planning & Tracking System for your field staff Trackoo – Optimize your tour planning with real time reporting

Do you have a large client-base that requires constant touch with your business and products to meet customer demands? Do you wish to set great marketing opportunities while establishing a trend towards availability of more diverse products & services? If yes, then you are surely a step ahead to flourish your business and meet potential customer’s demand in an innovative way.


As your rapidly growing business needs to meet customer demands right on time, you may find it quite complex to stay on track and serve each of them on time. Right? You must be wishing to have a real-time app like staff tracking system that can help you to determine the businesses served by your salesperson or field staff without creating any manual errors. To simplify all these, we are introducing an Odoo-based app- Trackoo, a smart tracking system to satiate your entire business needs. Read further to know more about Trackoo app

What is Trackoo app?

  • A smart tracking app built on OpenERP/Odoo platform
  • Offers tour planner feature that pre-plans the schedule of a salesperson for the areas to be served. By default, monthly tour plan is made from admin/business owner’s side
  • Ensures salesperson management and allocation based on its zone, state, city and area
  • Offers real-time GPS tracking feature for business/client/site location registration and salesperson OR field staff reporting
  • Helps to plan and optimize the trip
  • Calculates deviation in actual location and reported location
  • Offers real-time reporting with map view

How Trackoo app works?

1. Salesperson / Field staff registration and work allocation

  • Define Monthly tour plan
  • Allocation is done on the basis of salesperson / field staff location. Key considerations for this are- zone, state, city and area
  • Complete list of client is auto-filtered in the system and salesperson / field staff is allocated to those clients
  • Staff’s location and reporting status is recorded real-time on Google map
  • You can prepare monthly marketing strategy based on the salesperson’s tour plan

2. Real-time reporting by salesperson / field staff on each client visit

  • Reporting status is recorder by field staff after login into app
  • In case of meeting to new client, field staff registers the name and real-time location of client into system and enters reporting status
  • Real-time reporting is also done for total transactions made by field staff on each client visit
  • In case of failed visit, salesperson / field staff checks “Failed Visit” check box and its location is also tracked in the system
  • Reporting is done only through mobile app

3. Real-time client registration

  • List of all clients is registered by admin itself
  • New client-registration can be done by salesperson / field staff through mobile app
  • Location of client is tracked real-time in the app through GPS

4. Activity report generation

  • Salesperson / field staff activity report is generated with its corresponding location tracking
  • In order to confirm the activity done, distance difference is also recorded in the system
  • False reporting records are auto highlighted if the reporting is done out of deviation range. This means, salesperson hasn’t visited client’s place and did false entry from some other place other than client’s location. This action is termed as “Deviated by Location”.
  • Flexible deviation range till 100 mts. is acceptable

Thus, this is how Trackoo app- a real-time salesperson tracking software works by recording each and every action instantly at real-time, whether it is client’s registration or location deviation by salesperson. Want to know benefits of this app? Read further-

  • Staff Tracking System
  • Sales Person Tracking Software
  • Sales Person Tracking System
  • Staff Tracking Software

Positive Perks of Trackoo app

  • Simplified allocation process of salesperson / field staff based on map view
  • Simplified client’s business registration according to their real-time location. It auto-fills address using Google location feature
  • Salesperson / field staff activity evaluation through GPS tracking
  • Auto check-in and check-out based on GPS co-ordinates
  • Accessible through mobile, desktop and laptops

This App can be best utilized by below Businesses and Industries

– PickUp and Delivery Operations

– Food Delivery Management

– Apointment Schedule for any OnSite Services

– Onfield Salesforce & Field Service Management

  • Pharma Company
  • FMCG Company
  • Telecom Company
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Logistics / Courier Company
  • Home Service Agency

So, this was everything about Trackoo, a smart, real-time tour planning and location tracking app built on Odoo platform. Do share your views on our innovative development- staff tracking software.

If you are convinced with its features and exceptional benefits, give a try to Trackoo app for your business. We ensure this will eliminate all your unwanted hassles and give maximum profits to your business. To know more about our Odoo products, do reach us at contact@serpentcs.com