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How To Choose Right ERP Solution For Education Field? A Detailed Insight!

Technology Rules; and so the Computers! – everyone would agree with this fact. Computers are now omnipresent and have entirely changed the world we live in, towards the better. One such field is the education field where the technology and use of computers have completely changed its way of working as compared to the previous decades.

Right from involvement in different types of learning techniques like online courses to the smart classrooms; the technology has simplified the management of educational institutions. The ERP implementation has revolutionized the education field while helping the schools, colleges, universities and even campuses in improving their operations while making them more manageable and transparent.

ERPs is not a new concept where it has been used as full-fledged solutions in some of the biggest industrial niches in order to ease the management process. With the same aim, Education ERP system has been implemented in the educational field to streamline the process right from top to bottom and vice-versa. Thus, it can be said that having right ERP solution for the educational sector is necessary and so the criteria to select these solutions are equally important. If you are looking for the same, let us first have a detailed insight on some basic requisites to choose right ERP solution for the educational field:


  • Review the pre-requisites and pre-installation scenarios:

    The decision of implementing ERP for school, college, university or campus is something that you should not hurry for. Before its implementation, you must ensure that you have enough knowledge about the benefits that you will get with the ERP implementation in your educational institution. First, you need to create a team of teaching and non-teaching administrators, analyze the pre-requisites, develop objectives of the system and prepare rough data of an entire plan. This well-defined research with automated analysis, well-defined objectives and scope of implementation will help in the smooth implementation process.

  • Choose ERP software according to your requirements:

    The ERP software is going to handle most extensive and complex processes and so based on that, there are various types of ERP software available in the market. Before selecting any of the ERP software, you must first carry out intensive research on different types of Education Management Software available and simultaneously match it with your pre-defined requirements. One of the best ERP software for the educational field is the EduERP that gives optimal results according to the queries and requirements.

    Once you are done with the process of selecting and buying ERP software, the final      stage comes and that is implementation stage. Some of the best practices to follow while ERP software implementation is as follows:

  • Collecting and storing data in the database:

    Carry out a complete analysis of currently available data as it is not necessary that 100% of your data will be transferred as there will be some data that are really old and that too insignificant ones. Ensure that majority of the important data are included in the database and for this create a spreadsheet or CSV file for properly segmenting and storing data. A good ERP will transfer or upload the data from the spreadsheet to the database. One of the best examples for this is EduERP. Ensure that complete and accurate data is transferred to the system.

  • Training the end-users:

    This is one of the most important steps in the ERP implementation. Training the end-users that mainly include staffs of the institution and letting them know the benefits of an ERP software is necessary. Mastering in how the EduERP works will help them a lot and so necessary steps should be taken in giving them training. Important documents, training manuals or other additional tools must be provided to the trainees for better results.

  • Setting your ERP software live:

    The most important part of ERP implementation process is making the system live on the system. Besides that, proper utilization of the EduERP, as well as timely maintenance and upgradation of the system, is important to the ERP implementation process.

Final Wrap-up:

With the increasing technological trends, the ERP solutions in different fields offer a wide range of support and convenience in managing the system efficiently. With the above post, you will get a brief idea as how right ERP solution will help the education field in simplifying their system management.

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Boost Your OpenERP implementation By Hiring Qualified ODOO Developers!

Online businesses are at its peak and trending nowadays. Here, we are not just talking about different eCommerce sites that are product-based but also about those that are service and technology-based.A wide range of technological companies sells their expertise ultimately benefiting the company and making them strong technology-wise. This includes hiring best resources or services online ultimately ending up with building a strong relationship with other organizations. This is what referred as a B2B relationship,where client and customer relationship comes into the picture.

Most of the organizations prefer most competent technology available in the market. Earlier the applications were customer-centric and were available with restricted functionality as well as isolated from other applications. But today keeping strong competition in mind, the market has extended its reach with Odoo ERP- a business tool that sums up all the applications required by an organization to connect with other organizations. It includes newly added functions like product data management, supply chain management, electronic commerce, warehouse management and others. So to adapt this technology successfully, it is important to train your developers in OpenERP Odoo platform or Hire Odoo developers.

Need to hire OpenERP/Odoo Developer :-

As OpenERP/Odoo technology is new in the market, many of the organizations are not aware of its basic technicalities. As a result, in order to be a strong competitor in the market and boost your online OpenERP business as well, it becomes important to hire OpenERP/Odoo developers. The Odoo developers look over entire software development including development of modules and its customization. This further helps in attaining the goals successfully along with proper planning and execution of the project.

Benefits of hiring OpenERP/Odoo Developer:-

              There are a number of benefits of hiring Odoo developers. Let us have a glance over those benefits:-

1. If you don’t have any idea or knowledge on how to implement Odoo software, a team of dedicated Odoo developers can help you with that. They will help in defining your business processes, planning, developing as well as executing it on Odoo software.

2. Well-qualified  and dedicated Odoo developers can help you with building seamless software for a particular module.

3. You will know the basic detailings and working of software while enhancing your technical expertise.

4. Odoo developers can help you in defining proper scope of the software along with the timelines to go live.

5. Odoo developers can help you with seamless software modules, reduce performance failures of the software and project, and even help in setting your business in the market.

If you are too  looking to hire Odoo developer, then definitely you must be looking for a well-established Odoo service providing firm, right? Well, in order to satiate your entire Odoo development needs you can approach to us- Serpent Consulting Services. We are among top contributors in the Odoo community and so you can be assured to get guaranteed results from our services.

On Hiring our Odoo Developers, You will be Benefited by Some of the Exceptional Advantages That Include :-

                                                                                      Artboard 1 (1)

    1. Delivering  guaranteed results as per your needs

    2.  Developing software/modules using latest technology

    3. Offering dedicated support

    4. Regularly updating of modules to the latest versions

    5. Affordable and customized services

Best features of OpenERP/Odoo that boost your online OpenERP Business :-

Being a web-based application, Odoo offers multi-user management with a complete suite of business apps. Along with offering apps for seamless business functions, Odoo has a CMS option that allows businesses in creating customer-facing websites. Besides that, it offers-

   1.  Easy and convenient inventory management

   2. Better HR management capabilities

   3. Various in-built marketing capabilities

   4. Native eCommerce capabilities

   5. Seamless community management

Thus, it can be said that OpenERP/Odoo offers almost everything that can help your online eCommerce business reach new heights. If you are not aware of Odoo, you can hire dedicated resources like consultants, Odoo module developers, Odoo web developers, Odoo eCommerce developers and dedicated tester to boost the performance of your Odoo ERP powered business. Exploring more, you will further get more options to gain new confidence to your business.

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